Mug Club

For over a century, Catholic college students have gathered at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln seeking support, friendship and to grow in holiness together. While the faces and culture have changed in the decades since, college students continue to gather to spend time together and to live their Catholic Faith. The innate human longing for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ draws students in and will continue to do for decades into the future. And the Newman Center will be here to welcome those students and walk with them on their spiritual journey… but we need your help to do so! In order to continue these opportunities for our students, we need a sustainable funding. As Bishop Conley put it, "The key to long-term sustainability for the Newman Center is monthly recurring donations.” [Husker Catholic Live! 2016]

The Mug Club was started in 2014 as a way to daily remind our supporters of the critical impact they are having here at the Newman Center. Our hope was that each morning as our Mug Club members sip their java, they would be reminded of the life-changing ministries taking place at the Newman Center and that their monthly gift is helping students to personally encounter Jesus Christ. 

If you are inspired by the lives (really eternities) being changed at the Newman Center, we invite you to join our Mug Club. Sign-up for your monthly recurring gift of $20, $25, $50 or more and enjoy a heart-warming way to support the Newman Center!