Newman Center's Wish List

  1. Gift Certificates to Gloria Deo to purchase candles 
  2. Sam’s Club Gift Certificates for food supplies and coffee cups with lids for students 
  3. Lowe’s or Office Depot Gift certificates for cork boards, dry erase markers, paper, toner, etc.
  4. Lawn mower – regular push kind, new or used
  5. Gift Certificate to any garden center for grounds maintenance and Spring plantings
  6. Cash contributions to purchase spiritual books for students
  7. Commercial grade gas trimmer
  8. Ten inch Circular Saw
  9. Lawn Mower (Push or self-propelled)
  10. Bench Grinder 
  11. Blower/Vac ( gas powered )
  12. 2- 100 foot extension cords
  13. Large rolling lockable upright tool cabinet/box

    For the Newman Kitchen
  14. Large hanging pot rack
  15. Shelves or cabinets above prep sink area
  16. Shelves or Cabinets above Coffee service area


For more information or to donate, please contact Nancy at