Newman Center Bells (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) ringing for the first time

 "I never gave much thought to the purpose of bells calling people to prayer. It's great to hear that testimony of the student that heard the bells and was nudged to go and join in prayer." - Katie 

Bell Casting for St. Thomas Aquinas Church - Newman Center

Bishop Conley's Message to Youth

"Most of my priesthood has been spent working with college students both as University chaplain and a Theological instructor at three different colleges. And I know that the University of Nebraska Newman Center has a stellar reputation and that important apostolate fills me with joy."

A 3D Virtual Walkthrough of the plans for the new Newman Center and Chapel at the University of Nebraska Lincoln

The Need

Student/Parish Reception Part 1: Dr. Matt Hecker

Student/Parish Reception Part 2: Kevin Clark

Student/Parish Reception Part 3: Jude Werner

Denis McNamara - Sacred Architecture