FOCUS Alumni Revealed is an honest, riveting, thought-provoking endeavor that captures the essence of FOCUS alumni living far and wide through photo and story.

Here are a few posts that spotlight UNL Newman Center graduates and the amazing people they have become! 

Jena McFadden

'He first loved us.' The key to life is learning to receive. Everything and I mean everything flows from that core encounter of receiving His love. "

Jena McFadden was a FOCUS Student Leader at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln from 2005-2008. She currently works as a nurse in the Neurological Intensive Care unit at University of Nebraska Medical Center and Essential Pregnancy Services doing fetal ultrasounds.

FOCUS Alumni Revealed is an honest, riveting, thought-provoking endeavor that captures the essence of FOCUS alumni living far and wide through photo and story.‪#‎CatholicFAR‬ ‪#‎focusalumni‬ ‪#‎catholicecause‬

Sarah Santos

"It is tough moving to a new town especially as a young adult. Everyone has their own group of friends and it is hard to be the 'new person.' Jesus was a traveler and He took up His tent and went. We are called to emulate Jesus - to pick up our tent and go where the Lord calls us. He does not strive for comfort but He keeps moving, being obedient to his mission. I am not meant to be comfortable. It is a spiritual journey that we are on." ‪#‎CatholicFAR‬ ‪#‎focusalumni‬ ‪#‎Catholic‬

Sarah Santos was a student leader with FOCUS at University of Nebraska- Lincoln from 2007 - 2010. She lives in Denver, CO enjoying pizza rolls, but will soon be a Liquidation Analyst with National Credit Union Administration in Austin, TX, still enjoying pizza rolls.

Amy Hendrickson

"One of the biggest struggles I face is feeling like I'm not doing 'enough'. Before my husband and I had our first child we were able to go to the chapel for a Holy Hour and attend daily Mass throughout the week. Now I feel like I don't pray enough or spend enough time with Jesus in the chapel, however I know that Jesus wants me to live out my vocation as a wife and mother, and that is enough for Him. Rather than spending time in the chapel like I did so often when I had the time in college, I now spend my time caring for my son which is how I am currently called to 'feed the hungry' and 'clothe the naked'." ‪#‎CatholicFAR‬ ‪#‎focusalumni‬ ‪#‎Catholic‬

Amy Hendrickson was a FOCUS student leader at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln from 2008 -2013. She currently lives in Omaha, NE with her husband Kyler and their son Thomas and works as a Kindergarten Teacher.

Maeg and Kelby Meyers

"The biggest surprise has been how much our daughter, Kate, sets people on fire. I thought by having kids it might slow us down from the relationships we had made but it in fact draws us closer to our Lord and others. It is beautiful to see how she starts up conversations or how people love when she makes the sign of the cross in church. Having Kate has brought so many challenges but in reaching others for Christ she breaks barriers and brings us closer to Him." ‪#‎CatholicFAR‬ ‪#‎focusalumni‬ ‪#‎Catholic‬

Maeg and Kelby Meyers were both FOCUS Student Leaders at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln from 2009-2012 and then became FOCUS Missionaries. They served at the university of Illinois Chicago from 2012 - 2014. They now live in Nebraska with their daughter Kate and baby on the way. Kelby works as a financial planner and Maeg stays at home.

Fr. Scott Harter

"God the Father has made it very clear to me that, even though I'm now His priest, His love for me has nothing to do with how much I accomplish or how successful I am. He just loves me. I'm His son, He loves me, and that's it. "‪#‎CatholicFAR‬ ‪ #‎focusalumni‬ ‪ #‎Catholic‬

Fr. Scott Harter was a student leader with FOCUS at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He is in his second year as a priest and is the associate pastor at the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Grand Island, NE.

Courtney Dravitzki

"Pope Francis. 
I so much admire and respect his demeanor, his authenticity, humility, and vision as a representation for the Catholic Church. I am currently reading the Church of Mercy, which is a compilation of different homilies/addresses from Pope Francis and his vision of mercy for the church. My heart understands the way that he views the possibility of what the Catholic Church can bring to the lives of others, and how it is meant to enrich every single person's life who encounters this beautiful gift, whether they are Catholic or not. I believe that God is nurturing, gentle, strong, and above all merciful. Pope Francis takes something that could be viewed as so ornate,lofty, and complex and makes it so simple." ‪#‎CatholicFAR‬ ‪#‎focusalumni‬ ‪#‎Catholic‬

Courtney Dravitzki was involved with FOCUS from 2008-2012 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She was part of and led FOCUS bible studies in her sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, and was an officer for the first FOCUS GREEK student panel and went to Peru on a FOCUS Mission trip in 2011. Courtney currently lives in Omaha, NE and works at Lululemon Athletica.

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